My father passed away when I was 16 and I spread his ashes by the ocean. What is left of him are few blurred memories, and the archives my mother kept.
During Christmas 2012, in those archives, I discovered booklets about the American space missions he collected.
For me, those iconic images are intrinsically linked to my father. For others, they will mean something completely different. I don’t know what they meant to him, but it pleases me to think that they meant that he was part of something bigger than himself, that he belonged somewhere.
Etoile Filante“Shooting Star” – is a dialogue between past events and the memories we have of them, between what is visible and what is non visible.
By processing the slides in the color darkroom, I’m revisiting those “out of space landscapes”, making them my own, bringing together reality and fiction, associating images with the blurred memories of my father.

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